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Winter comes to the American Century

The American Century departed Duluth at 10:45 on Friday morning, November 29, 2013. She loaded 64,000 tons of coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior and is on her way to deliver the cargo to the Detroit Edison power plant at St. Clair, Michigan. She will return next Wednesday to get a similar load for St. Clair.

Another duck boat

mottlerpaulscinoccanov2013903498_10201132816545720_955885548_oThis picture was taken by Paul Scinocca while the Mottler was loading grain at CHS 1 in Superior in November, 2013. Click here for more information about the Mottler.

Party at the Port Terminal

After discharging limestone at the Graymont Lime Plant, the Joseph L. Block (left) is making the turn into the Duluth harbor as she departed Duluth for Two Harbors this morning (November 26, 2013). She will load iron ore pellets at the CN dock there.  The Presque Isle is at the Calumet Fuel dock and in front of her, the Cornelia is still discharging clay at the Port Terminal. In the middle, a Great Lakes Towing tug appears to be returning to her dock.

A cold day in Duluth for Cornelia

The Cornelia came in by way of the Superior entry at 6:41 this morning (November 23, 2013). This was the first really cold day in Duluth and the Cornelia certainly proves the point. I took a picture of her hull, above right,  coated with ice, courtesy of an 11 mph head wind from the North West with gusts up to 30 mph as she crossed Lake Superior yesterday. She was discharging cargo at the Port Terminal while the John D. Leitch was waiting at the Calumet Fuel dock for the Stewart J. Cort to finish loading iron ore pellets at the BN. Turning around, I caught the rest of the Cornelia. Her previous name was Pine and you can see the outline of that name toward the end of her current name in the picture below.
The Algoma Olympic  is discharging salt she loaded in Goderich, Ontario at the North American Salt dock in Duluth today (November 19, 2013). When she finishes there, she will move to the Burlington Northern dock in Superior to load iron ore pellets. She has been here 193 times since 1996. Most of those trips, before 2011, were made when she was the Canadian Olympic. On most of those trips she loaded coal at Midwest Energy Resources. Recently, she has loaded more iron ore pellets at both the CN Dock in West Duluth and, as today, at the BN in Superior. She made my job easier today; I took the picture above from my balcony. Then, after driving to work, I took the picture below from the parking lot.

Sister ships pass in the afternoon

The Victoriaborg departed Duluth at 2:50 on the afternoon of November 15, 2013 after loading a cargo of grain at Gavilon (formerly Peavey). As she went through the Duluth ship canal, you can see her sister ship, the Virginiaborg, at anchor waiting to come in to load beet pulp pellets at the General Mills dock in Duluth. Both ships are 433 feet long; the Virginiaborg has been here 29 times since she was built in 2000; the Victoriaborg came 23 times since she was built a year later. Between them, they have brought in lumber and steel coils. They mostly loaded beet pulp pellets on their trips here, but they have also loaded bentonite, and other grains. On many trips, they came in empty. In the picture above, especially in the larger version seen by clicking on the picture, you will see the pilot boat Sea Bear just approaching the stern of the Virginiaborg. Foreign flagged vessels in the Great Lakes must have a pilot aboard who knows the many lakes, rivers, docks, bridges etc. that a ship will encounter. In this case, since the Virginiaborg had just arrived at anchor, the pilot boat was out to get the pilot and bring him into port. When the Virginiaborg is ready to come in, the pilot boat will take a pilot, not necessarily the same one, out to the ship for the trip into port.