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It must be Christmas again

Just when the leaves fall off the trees and open up my view of the bridge, somebody goes and plants a metal ‘tree’ to shut it down. No problem, I still have 2 weeks in January to see the boats come under the bridge, unless it snows too much or gets too cold for me to go outside. Not that I am complaining. Cant wait until the last couple weeks of January when there will be no metal trees, snow, or … [Read more...]

Salt in and coal out

The Radcliffe R. Latimer, formerly the Algobay, loaded salt in Goderich, Ontario and arrived in Duluth this morning (October 25, 2013) at 36 minutes after midnight, moving over to the North American Salt Dock to discharge the cargo. She will next go to Midwest Energy Resources to load coal for Sydney, Nova Scotia. While she discharging salt, the Paul R. Tregutha arrived (background) on her way to … [Read more...]

Presque Isle back with more limestone

The Presque Isle came into port on Wednesday, October 23, 2013 at 11:30 in the morning. She loaded limestone in Cedarville and is here to discharge the cargo at the Hallett #5 dock in West Duluth. She will then leave here for Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. This is her 8th trip to the Twin Ports this season. She was here once in June and 3 times in both July and August. … [Read more...]

It takes a crane to move a crane

After stops in Cleveland, Windsor and Chicago, the Eemsborg arrived in Duluth on Thursday morning, October 17, 2013, with a crane loaded in Antwerp, Belgium. Of course, the crane came in many pieces, all at the bottom of the cargo holds since Duluth was the last stop discharging cargo. Above, the large base unit of the crane is lowered onto the truck that will leave shortly for Big Stone City in … [Read more...]

HHL Amur back for more

The HHL Amur is here discharging electrical transformers at the Port Terminal (October 15, 2013) that will be taken to Alberta by train. The HHL Mississippi was here in July discharging more pieces from the same shipment. The HHL Amur was also here in July, 2012 discharging wind turbine parts. … [Read more...]

Minnesota Lynx win WNBA title in Duluth!!

Photo: Renee Jones Schneider, Star Tribune Check out Minnesota Public Radio for some of the best sports photographs I have ever seen. … [Read more...]

Raba arrives with assist from North Dakota

The Polish owned and Liberian flagged Raba arrived here on Sunday afternoon, October 6, 2013. On this, her first trip to Duluth Superior, she will be loading grain at CHS in Superior. … [Read more...]

American Mariner loads wheat from Riverland Ag for Buffalo

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