CSL’s new Thunder Bay

thunderbay-dennydushaneaug0513stclairmichThanks to Denny Dushane for sending me the pictures you see here. He even provided the captions:  (It) … was the Thunder Bay’s first ever Great Lakes/Seaway trip along with her maiden voyage.
The photos all were taken in St. Clair, Michigan as she (the Thunder Bay) was downbound on Monday, August 5, 2013 headed to Quebec City, Quebec to unload. She was loaded with iron ore pellets from Escanaba, Michigan and the CN Ore Dock. The Thunder Bay unloaded her cargo at Wharf 53 in Quebec. This is the main unloading point in Quebec City for both the coal and iron ore that she takes from Lake Superior and sometimes Lake Michigan ports.
Denny Dushane 


  1. Why is a Canadian ship flying a US flag?

    • Not totally sure but it has to do with the country u r in at the time, in this case US waters. Most ships carry flags from all over the world so they can fly them when they enter a countries waters. I think it is a sign of respect. I think!

  2. None of the Trillium Class vessels we are seeing, that is, Thunder Bay, Baie St. Paul, Whitefish Bay, and Baie Comeau, were built for trade on the oceans. CSL Americas, a subsidiary of the CSL group, operates three Trillium “Pananmax” or maximum size for Panama canal dimensions. I believe that there are to be four of these self unloaders in all and all are similar to the ones we see here on the lakes. Three are already built: Rt. Hon Paul E. Martin, CSL Tecumseh, and Balto. We are yet to see 4 bulk carriers for CSL that are Trillium Class, by bulker, it’s meant no self unloading gear. But no, the ones we will see are not going to be working in the oceans. Oceans have salt, and salt eats at the hull, so I think CSL has plans to keep the categories of Pananmax and laker in the places they were built to serve.

  3. William Mitchell says:

    Does Thunder Bay also do salt water crossing? I notice the life saving craft and it is the style used by all saltty ships I have seen.

    • Since she was built in China, yes. But her hull had special plating on her for the ocean voyage; that was taken off once she was in the Seaway. Regarding the life boat, my guess is it is the way all new boats are built. We never see any US new builds, the Canadian new builds have them; it has always seem much safer to me, and to those i have talked to.

  4. Paul Badovinac says:

    Hi All: Especially Jill

    We were up in Northern Michigan for for my wife’s Mom’s 90th birthday and a big family reunion. We spent four days at my sister-in-laws lake house in Northern Minnesota, had a great time, the weather was beautiful the whole trip, high 71, low 52. The family reunion was great. Of course I knew what time we would be in Duluth, so I was checking the shipping news for ship traffic. There were two morning departures, but we missed them both. Saw the tour boats and some private craft. My son wanted to see the lift bridge operate, and at least he did.Traveling with two grandchildren and such, we made some extra stops.
    However, they enjoyed the museum, I offered to buy them a chocolate freighter, but grandma objected.
    Sorry for not touching base sooner with you.
    One of these days I am going to meet Ken,maybe lunch or dinner or a beer.
    Next time I will try and e-mail him ahead of time on my arrival.

    Take Care


  5. Jill in Alabama says:

    Oh, Paul!! I wish you had told us sooner so we could be watching for y’all to cross the bridge. I know Ken is disappointed and so are we. Did you get to see any boats at all? Was the weather decent for you? Give us a review of your trip! Roll Tide, my friend!!

  6. Paul Badovinac says:

    Great Photos of the new be to the great lakes.
    I was in Duluth with my family on Monday Aug 12th. Of course with my luck we didn’t get there till early afternoon (driving from the U.P.), so we missed the two morning departures. I was disappointed as I wanted my son to see a 1000 footer depart. Oh well, Maybe next year. i came to your office to say hello, however, the door to your office was locked, Bad luck again.
    Anyway, we enjoyed our visit to Duluth. Had a good lunch at Famous Dave’s.


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