The Block and the Speer go out and in

With an office right next to the Lift Bridge, I have it pretty easy when it comes to being close by when I want to take a picture of a boat. It became even easier when I moved to an apartment overlooking the harbor. But today, I got up from the breakfast table and turned around to see the Edgar B. Speer pulling away from her temporary berth at the Port Terminal and waiting for me to get my camera before she turned toward the bridge, which would have taken the morning sun shining on the Speer’s east facing side away. With that done, I got in my car and drove to work, just in time to see the Joseph L. Block arriving to discharge limestone.


  1. Rita Carleski says:

    Watching the boats thru Ken’s camera and enjoying every moment. Georgia is a long way from Duluth, but I still get to see it thanks to Ken. Hopefully next summer I can see it in person.

    Rita from Georgia

  2. Hey, Ken, times a tough all over, right?! Wish I had your apartment view. Street level in Superior let’s me see up to two blocks on one directly and next door in the other three. Thank you to the inventor of AIS and the bright one who put it on the Internet.

  3. Jill in Alabama says:

    Thanks, Ken!

  4. Mary Ann says:

    Oh you lucky duck!!

  5. Glad that you caught the Speer on camera!

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