Callaways on the Callaway

The Cason J. Callaway will be arriving tonight (June 18, 2013) on her 10th trip here this season. Cason J. Callaway (left) and his wife Virginia came into Duluth aboard the Callaway on July 14, 1958. With his second son “Bo” and Bo’s wife Elizabeth, just behind Cason and Virginia, they were here to celebrate the naming of the Callaway as the Flagship of the Pittsburgh Steamship Company. And as Captain of the flagship Callaway, Don Manuel, at right, became the Commodore of the fleet. Wes Harkins, then editor of Skillings Mining Review, took the picture at the Mesabi ore docks in West Duluth. He went over to the boat to interview Captain Manuel, and discovered the Callaways on board. He quickly made sure he took a picture of the group, and kept it for us to enjoy 55 years later. Thanks Wes.


  1. Lee Sanford says:

    Wow — fascinating … What a story there is to tell. Thanks and so very sorry for your loss.

  2. Cap't Tom Mackay (Ret.) says:

    Wes sure has some great pictures and stories of our past Port history. Great share Ken…

  3. Diane Hilden says:

    Nice story & pic Ken…thanks for sharing!

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