The Herbert C. Jackson brings coal to Duluth

The Herbert C. Jackson arrived in Duluth on May 17, 2013 with eastern coal to discharge at Hallett #5. She will then cross the St. Louis River and load western coal at Midwest Energy Resources to take to Presque Isle, in Marquette, Michigan.
The Captain on the Herbert C. Jackson, to the Coast Guard on channel 22A, around 2 am on May 12th 2013

Captain: Herbert C. Jackson on 22A

CG: Herbert C Jackson Coast Guard sector Detroit, go ahead.

Captain: I just want to report  that while trying to transit through Jefferson Street Bridge, the Jefferson Street Bridge closed on me and I hit the bridge.

Listen to the whole Radio transmission between the Jackson and the Coast Guard right after the Jackson collided with the Jefferson Street Bridge in Detroit. It is rare to hear the Captain of a boat minutes after an accident. He will tell you what happened in the early morning of May 12, 2013.


  1. Thanks Ken, and Pat-wondered what happened here.–wonder what he said when not on the radio!! The Jackson really didn’t get much damage-guess the bridge lost that round!

  2. paul Badovinac says:

    Sounds as tho there is a job opening for a bridge operator in the Detroit area.
    Thanks Ken for sharing this interesting item with us.


  3. Paul Sando says:

    Oh man, did they have a crappy night. Sounds like the crew of the Jackson did all they could when abruptly presented with a bad situation.

  4. Pat Meisner says:

    The captain was informed by the police that the bridge operator was intoxicated – oh, ya think? Good that the Jackson only had minor damage, and the captain was very professional in his transmissions, although maybe he sounds a bit exasperated…
    Grammie Pat
    West St. Paul, MN

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