Party on the Federal Hunter

The Port Authority organizes a party, usually in early April, when the first salt water vessel comes to town. I went to the welcome the Federal Hunter to the Twin ports party today (April 1, 2013) to show a little of what being on a ship like the Federal Hunter is like. It is about 15 minutes and is a little silly. It is a hand held camera view of the affair.  Go with me as I walk to the top of the ship, go along as i walk from stern to bow. Enjoy the good parts of the ceremonies, including the announcement of the winner of the Visit Duluth first ship contest. And watch us eat some of the delicious food served by the ships ‘Food and beverage’ staff.
The Federal Hunter arrived a week earlier than any other salt water ship in recent memory but that did not stop the ship from hosting a party outside (April 1, 2013). You can tell the members of the Indian crew; they are in short sleeves. We locals were still dressed for winter.
Kenneth Newhams :