Watch the Mackinaw azipods in action

The Mackinaw has a unique method to break open large ice fields


  1. Fascinating video. Good to see such an effective investment at work. While it’s not good to have just one unit for such a vital task, because unanticipated things can happen, the impressive efficiency of this ship at work does explain why just one ship with this capability can maintain early and late shipping season traffic.

  2. Paul, my son and I took a tour of this boat about 4 years ago and told one of the crew the same thing, that this is good use of taxpayer money!

  3. Paul Sando says:

    Ok, now THAT is cool. Who knew icebreaking was so much fun? I’d say that technology was worth every penny of taxpayer dollars. Can you imagine how much faster the new Mac can clear ice? Are their estimates that show how much better the azipod equipped Mac is at her job that traditional icebreakers, Ken?

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