Mackinaw breaks ice in Duluth

The US Coast Guard cutter Mackinaw left her moorings at the DECC at 9 am this morning (March 17, 2013) to break ice in the Duluth Superior harbor. She returned to the DECC around 11:30, dropped some folks off, and then went under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge on her way to Whitefish Point at the other end of Lake Superior.


  1. Paul Sando says:

    Thanks for the video, Ken. Great shots of the directional props and throttles at work on the Mac. Is there somewhere one could look to get the specs for the Mac and the Alder? I realize there is a capability difference between a dedicated icebreaker like the Mac and the Alder, but it is difficult to tell just by looking at them (they do look similar). It was much easier to see the difference with the old Mackinaw.

  2. wow… how great to be on board the Mackinaw with you and the Coast Guard! Thanx!

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