The Munson is almost home

johngmunson20130124_7597The John G. Munson arrived off the Duluth piers early this morning (January 24, 2013) and dropped her anchor. Her expected arrival date has changed several times over the last weeks and again over the last several days. Ice and cold weather have added some complications to a mid-January cargo run inside the Soo Locks. I hear there are two issues at the moment that make Friday a better day to come in. The Alder, our Coast Guard cutter responsible for maintaining the shipping channels within the harbor, is expected back here on Friday and with her, a heat wave is also expected; it may get up to 19 degrees! That won’t change the ice conditions much but it will make working on the deck of the Munson, and the Heritage Marine tugs that will help her, a lot easier. (The Alder has it a little easier; unlike the Sundew, the Alder has an enclosed, and warm, pilot house.)


  1. William smith IV says:

    I was on the John G. Munson a 30 he coal load in Sansusky Ohio then delay after delay in the Detroit river the St. Clair river another delay or getting stuck in the ice packed St. Mary’s river, one day late for the Locks a 26 he unload a essar Algoma steel a 20 hr cargo rinse od coal that was frozen then a 45 he clean up of the unloading tunnel and deck, makes me wonder what office personnel think sometimes and what traffic thinks of all this, they just don’t realize what happens in the real world compared to what looks good on paper. LMB

  2. Great to see the Munson here in Marquette before heading to Duluth/Superior ….

  3. As of 10:15 Central she is still sitting outside the bridge, but it looks like the Adler and tugs have finished breaking a path so I expect her to come in anytime now.

  4. Is she in yet? Was thinking about swinging down to the harbor to watch.

  5. Those are some great photos!!

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