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Winter Layup, Duluth Superior, 2013

Vessel Location Arrived Notes
 Mesabi Miner Midwest Energy Resources  January 8, 2013  Made 40 trips to Twin Ports this season
 American Century  Port Terminal  January 11, 2013   She made 31 trips to the Twin Ports this season
 American Spirit  Elevator M  January 12, 2013   She made 8 trips to Twin Ports this season
 John J. Boland  Fraser Shipyards  January 12, 2013   She made 6 trips here this season
 John G. Munson  Fraser Shipyards  January 25, 2013  Made 21 trips to the Twin Ports this season
 Roger Blough  Fraser Shipyards  January 16, 2013  Made 8 trips here this season
 Indiana Harbor  Enbridge Dock  January 11, 2013   Made 31 trips here this season

Mesabi Miner first in for winter layup

20120316_0486The Mesabi Miner came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge last night (January 8, 2013) at 11:51. She is the first boat to arrive for winter layup. Before taking her place at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock for the winter, she stopped off at the Holcim Dock in Duluth for some minor repairs. (Above and below; note the red crane in picture above.)  She also stopped at Holcim for minor repairs last March (picture at right) before becoming the first departure of the new season.