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Quiet now, but not in 2001

The CSL Tadoussac came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge this morning (Thanksgiving, 2012) and is seen above moving up the Duluth harbor on her way to the CN dock in West Duluth to load iron ore pellets.
It is pretty peaceful this morning; we may have some snow this afternoon, but 11 years ago, on November 27th, 2001, it was not very peaceful for the Tadoussac, as she was named then, as she departed the port late in mid afternoon. Click here for more pages featuring the CSL Tadoussac.
Click here for more pictures of that storm in November, 2001

Tregurtha gets another cargo of coal

The Paul R. Tregurtha departed Duluth at 1:07 in the afternoon of November 20th, 2012 (above). This was her 34th trip to the Twin Ports this season, almost always loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior and taking that cargo to Midwest’s parent company, Detroit Edison, for use in electrical generation power plants. Last year at this time, she had made 40 trips to Duluth. The lower number this year reflects her time in the ship yard in August while she underwent repairs after grounding near the St. Mary’s River just below the Soo Locks. For more pages on the Tregurtha in the Duluth Shipping News, check here.

Marietje Deborah departs Duluth

The Marietje Deborah lights up the place no matter what time of day she is traveling.

Blue Light Special in Duluth

The Marietje Deborah arrived from the anchorage on Sunday afternoon, November 11, 2012. A sister ship, the Marietje Marsilla, was here in June. Captain H.J. Danser was on that vessel and told us this one would be here later. Captain Danser is part owner,with Wagenborg Shipping, of both ships plus 3 others. All are named after his children who are often on board with him. His son is a relief captain in ‘his’ fleet. The ships come with hot tubs, pet dogs, a unique dining area in the pilot house, at the top of the ship, and much more. Take a look inside in the videos on the Marietje Marsilla page, linked to above.

Vlieborg ends maiden voyage in Duluth

vlie_120829_0029_v_Variant_1fromwebsiteThe brand new Vlieborg arrived Duluth this morning (November 10, 2012) and is seen here slowly backing into her berth at General Mills in Duluth around 9 am. Weather was bad; big wind, thunder and lightning, and drizzle. Not a great picture but I wanted to celebrate the completion of her maiden voyage in Duluth. She was launched on August 29th. After sea trials (picture here from Wagenborg), she picked up steel products to deliver to Great Lakes ports, then on to Duluth to load beet pulp pellets. She is a sister ship to the newly built Vikingbank, who was here in September. Wagenborg had another ship named Vlieborg; she will be remembered for her inability to make the turn toward the Lift Bridge on August 24th, 2005, surprising summer visitors and myself when she moved directly into the sea wall just in front of my office. Wagenborg sold her; she is now the Antarctic Sea.

Well done