Going in passes going out

Holly was unable to get us a good photograph of an ocean going vessel actually in the Ocean (she did send me some bad ones though) so I had to settle for these two salt water vessels dancing in the Duluth harbor. At left, the Aggersborg had just come in from the anchorage and was about to go over to CHS 1 to load grain. Coincidently, the Ruddy (right) had just left there on her way out the door with a cargo of grain. This all happened late Tuesday afternoon, September 18, 2012. Note to Jill: it is getting cold up here.


  1. Jill, Come up in December! The ice is beautiful too!

  2. Jill from Alabama says:

    This is a nice, colorful picture! To long-suffering Holly, I enjoy your pictures no matter what! To my friends in Duluth, y’all bundle up and stay warm if you can. We did not get out of the 70’s today, so we have had a cold front come through, too!!

  3. Great picture Ken!

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