Holly and Doug arrive Welland: meet Julie

Holly and Doug went south and into Canada, arriving at the Welland Canal where Julie, culinary and hospitality expert supreme from many, many Canadian vessels, met them and showed them around. When she was in Duluth, Julie always fed me on the boat so I was happy to hear that Holly and Doug took Julie to lunch at the local Tim Horton’s Restaurant.


  1. julie, anders, jack, beth, and ken…thanks everyone! this trip has been amazing, and now in maine with my buddy peg, it’s about to become even more so. pictures will take a while to organize and post, but it will get done!

  2. it was a pleasure meeting holly and doug. she is a sweetheart!! i wish them well on their trip and cant wait to see the phots she took the day we visited.

  3. 1. The Holly TV shirt is amazing.
    2. Tim Hortons coffee is sooooo good.
    3. You are so lucky to be on this trip! Have a blast! I can’t wait to see all the pictures!

  4. Holly is Awesome!

  5. Great photo 🙂 Thanks Ken!

    Holly -TV t-shirt- yay!

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