HollyTV, live at the Soo, almost

Note: Holly’s most recent pictures will appear at the top of this post so start at the bottom of this post if you are one of those people who like to see things in order.
I am getting exhausted posting all these pictures here while Holly is at the Soo, probably sitting on a nice chair with her camera on her lap while she waits for boats to pass by her chair. You have to look a little closer to see the Presque Isle moving upbound on her way to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. The Soo Locks allow vessel traffic to overcome the 21 foot difference between water levels on Lake Superior and those on Lakes Huron, Michigan and Erie so upbound, a vessel is starting at the lower level and moving up 21 feet. I presume we are looking at the beginning of her vertical journey through the locks.
Next, she caught the Roger Blough downbound in the Poe Lock for Gary Indiana with iron ore pellets she loaded in Two Harbors.
Then she caught up with the Flevoborg upbound through the MacArthur lock to Duluth to load grain. (September 10, 2012, about 1pm)
After a stop in Marquette, the Holly Great Lakes Express stopped at the Soo in time to catch the Algoma Olympic moving downbound  through the MacArthur lock.


  1. Holly, these are wonderful pictures. You can certainly get up close and personal to the ships. Looks like you have some wonderful ship watching weather there.

  2. Great pics Holly!

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Happy 50th Anniversary, Paul, and Mrs. B, too! Maybe we can meet up in Duluth next year to watch some boats and go see Ken. Great pictures, Holly!

  4. Nice! I forgot you were making the trip.

  5. Yay Hollis 🙂 Wonderful captures!

  6. Paul Badovinac says:

    Hi Jill

    We did not make it up North this year as everyone up there came down in June for out 50th wedding anniversary. Hopefully we will be trekking up there next year, Got to see the boats. The Tide is rolling again this year.

    Take Care


  7. Jill from Alabama says:

    Wonderful pictures, Holly! Hi Paul!

  8. Great pictures Holly!

  9. You have found the Holy Grail, boatgeek. Have fun!

  10. Paul Badovinac says:


    Keep up the good work, great shots.


  11. Great photos Holly, thanks for posting them Ken. Can’t wait to see more.

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