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Happy Fall from the Lubie, and Carole Lent

Carole Lent was kind enough to share this picture of the Polish ship, Lubie while she was loading grain at the Peavey elevator in Superior.

My phone says Hi


Nice day for a walk on Skyline Drive (September 29, 2012)

I need a chair! Oh, there’s a chair

Duluth has long been known as a national hotspot for new parking technology. But as these pictures show, we have too many people waiting to use the new technology and not enough who want to enjoy the even newer parking spots set up downtown today (September 21, 2012). These two ideas need to be combined into one really good new idea. For more about the technology below, go here. The above technology can be seen in Canal Park most any day when we have lots of visitors out to enjoy themselves, at least after they figure out how to pay for their parking. (above picture taken on September 2, 2012.) Click each picture of larger version.

Going in passes going out

Holly was unable to get us a good photograph of an ocean going vessel actually in the Ocean (she did send me some bad ones though) so I had to settle for these two salt water vessels dancing in the Duluth harbor. At left, the Aggersborg had just come in from the anchorage and was about to go over to CHS 1 to load grain. Coincidently, the Ruddy (right) had just left there on her way out the door with a cargo of grain. This all happened late Tuesday afternoon, September 18, 2012. Note to Jill: it is getting cold up here.

The Paul R. Tregurtha is back in town

After repairs were completed at Bay Shipbuilding after she went aground in mid-August and new paint job was applied, the Paul R. Tregurtha arrived back in Duluth at 3:30 on Monday afternoon, September 17th, 2012. As usual, it is nice to say, she will load coal at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior for Detroit Edison power plants in Monroe and St. Clair. And as usual, she will be back in a week to do it again. Welcome back!

Holly and Doug arrive Welland: meet Julie

Holly and Doug went south and into Canada, arriving at the Welland Canal where Julie, culinary and hospitality expert supreme from many, many Canadian vessels, met them and showed them around. When she was in Duluth, Julie always fed me on the boat so I was happy to hear that Holly and Doug took Julie to lunch at the local Tim Horton’s Restaurant.

HollyTV, live at the Soo, almost

Note: Holly’s most recent pictures will appear at the top of this post so start at the bottom of this post if you are one of those people who like to see things in order.
I am getting exhausted posting all these pictures here while Holly is at the Soo, probably sitting on a nice chair with her camera on her lap while she waits for boats to pass by her chair. You have to look a little closer to see the Presque Isle moving upbound on her way to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. The Soo Locks allow vessel traffic to overcome the 21 foot difference between water levels on Lake Superior and those on Lakes Huron, Michigan and Erie so upbound, a vessel is starting at the lower level and moving up 21 feet. I presume we are looking at the beginning of her vertical journey through the locks.
Next, she caught the Roger Blough downbound in the Poe Lock for Gary Indiana with iron ore pellets she loaded in Two Harbors.
Then she caught up with the Flevoborg upbound through the MacArthur lock to Duluth to load grain. (September 10, 2012, about 1pm)
After a stop in Marquette, the Holly Great Lakes Express stopped at the Soo in time to catch the Algoma Olympic moving downbound  through the MacArthur lock.

FedNav ships passing in the day

The Federal Power came in from the anchorage to take the place of the Federal Katsura loading wheat at CHS in Superior (Tuesday afternoon, September 4, 2012). The Federal Katsura will take her cargo to Italy. When the Federal Power finishes, she will carry wheat to Germany.

Three boats: two cargos – wheat & cement

On Tuesday, September 4th, at 4 in the afternoon, the Alpena was about to enter the Duluth ship canal on her 7th trip to the Duluth Superior this season, carrying as usual, a cargo of cement.
Just beyond her, the Federal Power has been at anchor for some days while she is waiting to come in and load wheat for Germany. This is her 6th trip to the Twin Ports since she was built in 2000; she was here twice in 2007, once in 2010 and twice last year. In 2007, she loaded chromium ore on the first trip and grain on the second. In August 2010, she returned to load grain at CHS 2 in Superior. In June 2011, she brought wind turbine parts that were later delivered by truck to wind farms in North Dakota and Iowa.
Just beyond her, the Federal Mackinac has just arrived at anchor. She is also waiting to load wheat; she will take her cargo to Northern Europe. This is her 3rd trip here since she was built in 2004.

Last, for this season, daily summer edition

Today, Labor Day, 2012, is the last issue I publish of this season’s daily Duluth Shipping News so I thought I would share it with the world. It is a two page paper. dsnpdf4Both pages are pre-printed before the season (116,000 pages, both sides, in color, by ProPrint) with a nice big hole in the front side that I fill in each day with that day’s schedule and stories about the boat traffic for the day. Click on the two links above to take a look. Don’t forget page 2; those are more of the nice folks who help support the Duluth Shipping News. Page 1 here.

And Page 2 here.