Garganey waits at anchor in Duluth

  Sunrise on August 14, 2012 found the Hong Kong flagged Garganey at anchor off the Duluth piers. She is named after the duck of the same name. The duck can be found in Europe and Asia in the summer; in winter, they fly down to South Africa and India. In August, 2008 and again today, the ship was in Duluth. In 2008, she loaded bentonite. Today she is here to load spring wheat for Savona, a port on the northwest coast of Italy. 
  The ship is owned by a company in Hong Kong and is currently under charter to Canadian Forest Navigation, commonly called Canfornav. She may come in late this afternoon and go to CHS in Superior. The crew, all from mainland China, will load on Wednesday and may depart the Twin Ports for Italy Wednesday night.
Kenneth Newhams :