Alamosborg waits for the rains to stop

Rains came to Duluth; the ships are still on the water but the workers stayed  home, as the Mayor asked. The Alamosborg is at the Port Terminal, waiting for better weather tomorrow, and some folks back to help her discharge her wind turbine pieces.


  1. Pat Trudell says:

    I love this site! I see the ships go by and wonder where they go and what they do once they are out of range of But then again, there’s Boat Nerd to track all the way up to you in Duluth! I’ve been watching the ships pass by my house in Ogdensburg, NY for the last three years. This year, we too are getting windmill parts! It beats the salt piles that sometimes block my view of the river… Must be nice to see all this activity daily!

  2. It’s clay runoff from the St. Louis river.

  3. The water in the in the canal looks red. Did Moses come there and do that like he did in The Ten Commandments? (I know, it’s from the flood).

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