Dick Bibby turns 90

Dick Bibby is 90 years old today. He has never stopped making friends anywhere he goes, and after 90 years, that is a lot of friends. We had a party for him on Friday. Bill Saarinen’s father was a captain on many boats including the Ernest T. Weir, a Hanna boat where Bibby was the agent. Bill grew up and spent two years on the lakes including a stint on the Weir. Before he grew up, he would be at home waiting for his dad to come home. His mother would call Dick when she was not sure where the boat was (back in the days of no internet, cells phone et al). Dick always found the boat, and called back to tell the family, one of thousands of calls Dick made and still makes to keep in touch and help out. That is Bill in the silver hair, lower middle, handing a special hat to Mr. Bibby. Saarinen came up from his home in the UP, one of many to show up and surprise Mr. Bibby. Click picture for larger version and click here to see the Friday special edition of  the Duluth Shipping News: 2012daily0601bibby
Kenneth Newhams :