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Next stop: Brazil

The Alamosborg departed Duluth late Friday afternoon, June 29, 2012

Blades to Brazil

The Alamosborg is now (June 28, 2012) at the Port Terminal loading 60 wind turbine blades. She was here a week ago to discharge wind turbine parts she brought into port. After that, she left the Port Terminal dock to go to the anchorage and wait for the Flinterstar to complete discharging her cargo of wind turbine blades. She then came back in to load 60 wind turbine blades manufactured in North Dakota and going to a wind farm in Brazil. Yesterday, they were loading the blades into the ship’s cargo hold below deck. Today, they are placing the last blades on the weather deck of the ship. It should be a good sight to see when they depart the port, probably on Friday.
Note that each blade includes a stabilizer which is used to stack the blades on top of each other while underway. They of course will be removed at the site in Brazil.

Flinterstar brings wind turbine blades

After waiting at anchor for a few days, the Flinterstar came into port on Sunday evening, June 24, 2012. On Monday morning, she was at the Port Terminal dock discharging her cargo of wind turbine blades and nacelles.

Active at the Port Terminal

On Friday, June 22, 2012, the HHL Amazon (left) was discharging wind turbine nacelles and the Edgar B. Speer was in for some repairs. Over by the gantry cranes (unseen at right), the Alamosborg was discharging wind turbine parts. Work at the Port Terminal was halted for one day by the flood; 3 feet of water over much of the warehouse made sure of that. Elsewhere in the port. the water put Midwest Energy Resources in Superior out of commission, perhaps until July. Boats such at the Paul R. Tregurtha and the James R. Barker have been redirected to the CN Dock in West Duluth, just across the St. Louis River from Midwest, to load iron ore pellets instead of coal.

Alamosborg waits for the rains to stop

Rains came to Duluth; the ships are still on the water but the workers stayed  home, as the Mayor asked. The Alamosborg is at the Port Terminal, waiting for better weather tomorrow, and some folks back to help her discharge her wind turbine pieces.

The morning after (the marathon)

In the beginning, the Rt. Hon. Paul J. Martin (left) and the Perelik shared the lake with a small boat and the South Pier Light.
Then the fishing boats went out  …
… the early runners appeared on the scene
… and finally, the walkers arrived

Kara Goucher heads for home …

… her home town; a big crowd greets her as she runs for first place in the U.S. Half Marathon Championships in Duluth on Saturday morning, June 16, 2012. She will represent the US in the Olympic Marathon in London later this summer. Official time: 1 hour, 9 minutes, 34 seconds.

The Marietje Marsilla departs Duluth

Watch Marietje Marsilla come into Duluth

Watch the Duluth Pilot boat take the pilot out to the Marietje Marsilla in the anchorage just off the Duluth piers, and then come in with us, as we go with the ship under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge and move up the Duluth harbor to the Port Terminal

Marietje Marsilla arrives Duluth on 1st visit

msgfromcaptmarietjeAfter two days at anchor off the Duluth piers, the Marietje Marsilla came into port, happily with me aboard. Above, we are approaching the ship in the local pilot  boat, the Sea Bear. Below, we are approaching the Duluth ship canal before turning up the Duluth harbor to the Port Terminal to begin loading wood pulp. (Click image at left for a message to the people of the USA from the Captain of the Marietje Marsilla)

Queen Elizabeth II

Queen Elizabeth II  is celebrating the 60th anniversary of her reign in England. Today, on the royal barge, she led a seven-mile long flotilla of 1,000 boats on the River Thames.


Top left, London Bridge is raised for the flotilla. Bottom left, the Royal Barge has just cleared the bridge. The Queen is dressed in white and can be seen under the yellow canopy. It was a damp and dark day in London and after the barge docked, the rain started and the queen carried her own umbrella as she led her family and guests to the stairs and out of the rain. For more on the Queen, including a radio broadcast she made to the children of the British Empire during World War 2, go here. For more about the flotilla, go here. Click picture above for larger version. {pictures above taken from the BBC live video feed)

Dick Bibby turns 90

Dick Bibby is 90 years old today. He has never stopped making friends anywhere he goes, and after 90 years, that is a lot of friends. We had a party for him on Friday. Bill Saarinen’s father was a captain on many boats including the Ernest T. Weir, a Hanna boat where Bibby was the agent. Bill grew up and spent two years on the lakes including a stint on the Weir. Before he grew up, he would be at home waiting for his dad to come home. His mother would call Dick when she was not sure where the boat was (back in the days of no internet, cells phone et al). Dick always found the boat, and called back to tell the family, one of thousands of calls Dick made and still makes to keep in touch and help out. That is Bill in the silver hair, lower middle, handing a special hat to Mr. Bibby. Saarinen came up from his home in the UP, one of many to show up and surprise Mr. Bibby. Click picture for larger version and click here to see the Friday special edition of  the Duluth Shipping News: 2012daily0601bibby