Our new bear cam

bear20120515_2119…caught this bear walking along the South Pier this morning (May 15, 2012) Click to enlarge. Below, the bear climbed down from the pier, on its way to the beach. I first heard about it when the Chief Bridge operator, Ryan Beamer made an announcement on the bridge public address system. And you think you had troubles today!, Ryan recalled his announcement for me here.
And then he told me  some of what happened, starting by describing what the man at the end of the pier was doing.
That’s Aerial Bridge operator Dale Mitchel with the stick (actually a pole they use to clean lights high off the ground). When he saw the bear, he jumped up from his chair in the bridge house, picked up the closest thing he could find and then went out to make sure the bear was being a good citizen. The bear had just jumped over the wall on the beach when Dale arrived at the wall. Below, several squad cars soon arrived to check out the situation.


  1. I read in a book that this occurred back in 1944! A black bear found its way to the canal. How amazing would that be if this black bear was related to the other bear from 1944?!

  2. yeah, where was homeland security?

  3. Capt. Ed says:

    This just in: Upon hearing there was some ‘terror incident’ near the Aerial Bridge, the U.S.C.G., Customs, Immigration and Border Patrol swung into action. When asked what the concern was, a spokesman said “This individual may be a member of a known domestic terror group called The Bruins. While this incident appears to have avoided deaths or bloodshed, we can’t be too careful. Our primary concern, however, is that this transient gained access to a maritime facility and did not appear to have a T.W.I.C. card….”

  4. Paul from St. Paul says:

    I’m glad everything turned out OK, and no one, including the bear, got hurt and everyone could just walk away and have a great story to tell.

  5. That silly bear was napping in a tree behind out house on Park Point from about 9am to 10am before making his assult on South Pier. He eventually went to the bay side of park point then swam across the bay to Bayfront Park. I have not reports of where he went from there.

  6. i miss duluth!!! here in the cities we kill bears when we find them wandering around. it breaks my heart every time.

  7. Anne -- SF,SD says:

    Good grief! What an amazing way to start a Tuesday!

  8. Marilyn says:

    Ok- I’ve heard of bears in town, but way down at the bridge? Crazy!

    I agree- hope people let it alone, but a bear down there is apt to get hurt: cars, stupid people, etc.

  9. I agree but i wonder what some lonely soul who is sitting in the sun on the beach reading a book would think about the strategy of sending the bear to the beach

  10. Good for them! Nobody panicked and, when they saw that the bear wasn’t causing trouble, they decided to leave it alone. I bet the fisherman has fun telling his friends and family about it, though! I’m certainly no expert, but it looks to me like a fairly young bear just out for a walk. Thanks for reporting this for everyone to enjoy!

  11. Oh man, I wish I could have been there!!!! Love the bears! he was probably checking out the fishing possibilities… from the pier? no, too much hassle. Think I’ll go on over to the beach, it’s easier there. I hope no one panicked and did anything stupid.

  12. Is this the same bear that the B & B Solglimt (on Park Point) this morning?

  13. Jill from Alabama says:

    Did everything turn out okay for that person fishing on the pier? Can you imagine? You’re standing there peacefully fishing and then you hear that announcement! If the bear is friendly, he’s welcome to watch the boats, too.

  14. a______mazing! i’m forwarding to doc!

  15. Even bears like to watch the ships! Ken has fans all over the world, now we have to add two-legged and four-legged fans to the mix!

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