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Such a beautiful day in Duluth


HHL Congo brings blades to Duluth

The HHL Congo arrived in Duluth on May 19, 2012 (below) with a cargo of wind turbine blades. She was assisted by the Heritage Marine tug Nels J. Launched in 2011 as the Beluga Fealty, this was the HHL Congo’s first trip to Duluth Superior. Above, one of the blades is lifted from the ship’s cargo hold at the Port Terminal.

Americaborg brings wind turbine parts

The Americaborg came into port on May 15, 2012 with wind turbine pieces built in Denmark by Siemens Wind Power. Above, a nacelle has just been discharged from her cargo hold and deposited on ‘Big Red’ for the short trip to the other end of the Port Terminal. After all wind turbine pieces had been discharged, she moved over to the CHS 1 terminal in Superior to load grain. She may leave on Sunday although weather may delay her departure.

Pro Print runs off 100,000 Duluth Shipping News sheets

…  now I will fill in the blanks for the next 100 days, starting Friday. That’s press man Duc Vo making a last check on color and  supreme sales person and advisor Jeanne Carson next to him. I thank them both and Pro Print for their help and for a great job. Now bring on summer!

More from the bear

Gary Hopp sent this note and the 2 pictures here taken by Buzzy Winter who works for him at Great Northern Services, Inc. 20120515-3715-Watermarked20120515-3729-Watermarked

That silly bear was napping in a tree behind our house on Park Point from about 9am to 10am before making his assault on the South Pier. He eventually went to the bay side of park point then swam across the bay to Bayfront Park. I have not heard any additional reports of where he went from there.