Cort visits her many friends in Duluth

The Stewart J. Cort made a rare appearance at the Duluth piers today, April 2, 2012 (above and just below). For more information and pictures about the Cort, click here.


  1. Jeff B. HAertlein says:

    Hi Ken: Just been watching the camera. It was great to see and hear the Lee A. Tregurtha come in a short while ago!!! I am glad the mic was on to capture all the sound. Her salute was great!! Makes me wish I was in Duluth already, but that probably won’t be until August while on vacation. Enjoyed hearing the Miner as well. Thanks.


  2. Greg Hayden says:

    I recall Stubby circa 1972 from memory. The story and pictures were printed in a lot of places. So today I asked Google and this is what I found:

    Stubby named Hull 1173 in a Seaway lock

    Stubby Model – scroll down

    Better stubby picture

    Greg Hayden

  3. mnduluthfan says:

    I don’t believe there was any problem with her. She may have needed fueling or just didn’t want to wait out in the lake at anchor. The lake looks rough today. Also the BN Ore dock in Superior has been very busy the past ferw days with 3 to 4 ships waiting to get in to load.
    I know wish i was there to see her come in she is 1 of my favorite ships

  4. This is really neat. Wish I was there to see the Cort come in. Was it because there was some kind of a problem?

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