Roger Blough leaves Duluth with iron ore pellets for Conneaut.

The Roger Blough departed the port of Duluth Minnesota on Saturday, March 24th, 2012 with iron ore pellets for Conneaut, Ohio. She passed by the Canadian flagged Michipicoten on her way out to Lake Superior. She arrived in port for winter layup on January 14th.


  1. Jeff Blough says:

    I’ve never traced my roots but Dad claimed a distant relative. I do recall the many boat trips going up the Black river to watch her construction as a teen in Lorain. I also remember the news of the tragic fire and the heartbreak she caused at the time. Loved the footage and enjoy reading of all the great lake ships. Continue on.

  2. mr.newhams, us boat lovers would be totally lost without you, i look at your website every two days, this was something, thanks for all your efforts.

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Kathy, I hope your son has a great shipping season. Let us know how he’s doing!

  4. Kathy Hicks says:

    Thank you for the wonderful updates and pictures.I enjoyed watching the Roger Blough on her first trip out of Duluth.My son Ryan Hicks is the Steward on the Blough. You have a wonderful talent.

  5. Is this footage recorded from the roof of the Paulucci Building or one of its upper floors? It’s a great photo angle. I’m so glad you’re back at work this new shipping season.

  6. Rod Hood says:

    Mr. Newhams:

    You’ve outdone yourself with the footage of one of my favorite ships, the Roger Blough– some of your best work. Rage on maestro!

    Hood (formerly of Duluth but always a Duluthian)

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