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13 thoughts on “American Spirit leaves winter layup

  • Jodee Nelson

    Love your educational talks with the kids. The parents had their ears open as well and were learning with their children. The video is great and I just happen to know the Master very well. Holly sent me a link to this after you posted and made me feel a little more with him and the crew.

  • C Moll

    Love to hear the ship & bridge horns. Special treat to see a ship slipping through the fog. Thank you for sharing a little of Duluth to those of us that miss the lake.

  • mnduluthfan

    For sure Ken you hit it with this video i agree with all the other posts and to hear the horns again was great
    Keep up the sound work

  • Paul Badovinac


    You did it again, another classic. With all the sights & sounds, it gave me the “goosebumps” watching it.


  • Lee

    Super super super video. Amazingly intriguing… sights, sounds, fog, people, children… the American Spirit. Wow. Thanks Ken. Now I know why Holly loves Duluth so very much!

  • Rita Carleski

    I don’t know where to start! I love the little boy’s question, “Why is it leaking water?” That was precious. My grandsons were that little once. How appropriate for American Spirit to leave on such a foggy day. I should say rather ghostly appropriate. And my favorite footer. I was afraid she would leave thru Superior Entry. All the sights and sounds with a great boat. Even the bridge bells! Just totally COOL! Thanks, Ken

    Rita from Zeeland MI

  • Jill from Alabama

    Ah Ken!! I know I babble on and on about how great your videos are, but this is really one of your best ever! I love the kids’ comments. You were very kind and helpful to your little Boatnerds. The way you filmed your walk along the pier made me feel I was right there with you. Thanks so much.