American Century here for winter layup

The American Century (formerly the Columbia Star) came into port for winter layup on January 10th, 2012. She is at Elevator M in Superior.  As always, she was a frequent visitor to the Twin Ports, making 35 visits last year, one less than the year before.


  1. Jill from Alabama says:

    … And Captain Mark was one of her great captains! Miss you Mark, Ken, Nick, and Rita!! Ken, where were you standing when you took this picture?

  2. How did you get there? Thanks for the photo. Wonderful shot!

  3. Rita Carleski says:

    Oh Ken, you just keep us waiting for more! This winter is getting pretty boring. Not much snow and very little ice. Duluth sometimes looks like summer but without boats. I have been watching the Roger Blough on the cams and it looks like they are working on her shuttle system. It would be neat to watch them all especially at the shipyards. I know, security. I am hoping they are going to start the shipping season a little early. We will devour every picture you send our way. Thanks.
    Rita from Zeeland MI

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