McCarthy at Ogdensburg Pier in Superior

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived in Duluth on January 12, 2012 for winter layup at the  Ogdensburg Pier of Enbridge Energy in Superior.  It was only her 13th visit to the Twin Ports this season; in past years, she was here 30 to 40 times a year to load coal, usually for Detroit Edison. This past year has seen her loading iron ore pellets in Two Harbors to take to Gary, and in Silver Bay to take to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal. She also made trips to Zug Island, Indiana Harbor and Conneaut.


  1. Hi Nick, See no one has responded to your question-so in case you still are curious here is answer. When the ships are operating and are unloaded they add water, called ballast, to keep the ship deep enough in the water to be stable and keep the propellers deep enough to function. When loaded, of course, the load functions as the ‘ballast’-the water ballast is pumped out when loaded. The way you see the ship here, she has all her ballast pumped out so she rises in the water. Hope this helps.

  2. How do they get the ships like that? Like they rise 20 feet or close to that? How does that process work?

  3. Man, have they got her pumped out high and dry! You can see the props and the rudders clearly. They might be still doing some clean up/touch up from her mishap of a couple seasons past, might they not?

  4. My guess is that she is getting any routine maintenance done that requires the engines being shut down for a long period. Could also be some navigation equipment work being done. Anything really that does not require a large crane.

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