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Mesabi Miner at Midwest Energy for layup

There are 11 Great Lakes freighters in Duluth Superior this winter. Three have been here for extended layup, 8 came in January and are expected to depart sometime in March or April for the upcoming season. The first to leave will most likely be the Mesabi Miner, seen here at winter layup at Midwest Energy Resources on February 13th. Typically, the boat at Midwest Energy will load coal for a Lake Superior port, perhaps twice before the Soo Locks open, usually on March 25, when the full Great Lakes shipping season begins. Typically, the Mesabi Miner will leave around March 15; check here for updates.

The month of February: the early years

This is the first of several (many?) videos of around 10-15 minutes long I will be creating that use the pictures and information I have collected for a particular month over a number of years. I got started on this when I was looking up pictures from Februarys of long ago to see if any had as little snow as this one this year. I enjoyed looking at the pictures so much that I thought it would be a good idea to publish some of the information. Here is number one. (Click on icon at lower right for full screen video)

That was then …


and this is now: For immediate release: Sunday, February 19th, 2012

Duluth, MN. —U.S. Coast Guard Station Duluth is issuing a warning that the unusually warm temperatures observed this year have greatly increased the possibility of weakened ice.
"Ice conditions are deteriorating rapidly, major wet cracks and ice breaks have been recognized the last few days, with forecasted temps climbing to the high 30’s, this will only accelerate weakening ice " said Boatswains Mate Third Class Matthew Murphy, Coast Guard Station Duluth, MN.
The combination of warmer temperatures and shifting winds has caused extremely hazardous ice conditions in the St Louis River. The Coast Guard cautions those ice fishing and transiting on the ice due to the unpredictability of the ice breaking apart. (Picture taken on February 17th, 2007.)

American Century here for winter layup

The American Century (formerly the Columbia Star) came into port for winter layup on January 10th, 2012. She is at Elevator M in Superior.  As always, she was a frequent visitor to the Twin Ports, making 35 visits last year, one less than the year before.

McCarthy at Ogdensburg Pier in Superior

The Walter J. McCarthy, Jr. arrived in Duluth on January 12, 2012 for winter layup at the  Ogdensburg Pier of Enbridge Energy in Superior.  It was only her 13th visit to the Twin Ports this season; in past years, she was here 30 to 40 times a year to load coal, usually for Detroit Edison. This past year has seen her loading iron ore pellets in Two Harbors to take to Gary, and in Silver Bay to take to the Cleveland Bulk Terminal. She also made trips to Zug Island, Indiana Harbor and Conneaut.