American Spirit arrives Duluth for winter

It took her 50 minutes to go from the Duluth piers to her berth at the Port Terminal. Watch 17 minutes of that trip here; not overly exciting, a little slow but what do you expect from 1,000 feet of Great Lakes freighter at the end of a long season.

The American Spirit arrived in the Duluth ship canal about 10:30 on Saturday morning, January 7, 2012, for winter layup. Below, about a half hour later, she is moving into the berth at Garfield C.
Listen to the American Spirit whistle as she came in:



  1. Scott
    how r things on the boat; ready to go? Good pics would be pics of things we don’t see; going thru the Soo Locks, docking at a port on Lake Erie or Michigan, or of other boats u pass. For this web site, it would be good, i think, to include a part of the boat so it is obvious it was taken aboard the boat. Any pics would be greatly appreciated along with a good caption, long or short explaining the picture; i can post it and credit u as the source; Hope all goes well with u and the boat this season; Thanks Ken PS u can email any pictures to me at

  2. Scott Follett says:

    What kind of pics you looking for.?? I’m working on the AM SPIRIT right now…

  3. Anthony Slagle says:

    Thanks Ken,
    My uncle use to sail that boat when it was the George Stinson, sense then my uncle has passed. I sure miss going there and seeing him come into port. The sound of the Captian’s Salute brings back memory’s! Need to find a real good picture of the Stinson. Thanks again.

  4. Scott Follett says:

    There she is. I spent a lot of my blood sweat and tears welding on her. The picture make her look glamorous tho, glad to have her back. Now on to the port side ballest repair. Thanx for the pics to add to my collection. Let’s hear it for the unknown Shipyard workers.!!

  5. Generose Scheidt says:

    Fantastic footage. A different view point from the other side of the pier. I thought she was going to run into the end of the pier until I saw the ship going straight. It was like being there in person. Who cares that it took so long.

  6. Rita Carleski says:

    I just watched the video two times in a row! Awesome, just awesome! When I need my boat fix this winter I know where I will go. Straight to this video! I bet the crew is glad to be at the end of the season. Thanks for the wonderful sights and sounds of the boats!

    Rita from Zeeland MI

  7. Sad to see the ships arrive for layup. But March will come. Just wish it was sooner. 🙁

  8. Rita Carleski says:

    Hi Ken,
    Thanks for the pictures and whistle and bridge announcement. Sure makes me wish I was in Duluth to watch in person. American Spirit is a favorite of mine and I only saw her a couple of times this year. Wow, layup already. Oh well, March is coming! I will replay all the whistles this winter while I am waiting.

    Rita from Zeeland MI

  9. good pictures…thanks, ken!

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