Boland in for winter layup

This is the 6th time the John J. Boland has come under the Lift Bridge this season. On her 5 previous visits this year, all after September 20, she usually brought limestone in and loaded coal for her departing cargo. On her September 20th trip here, she discharged limestone and then went to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. She came in this morning (January 5, 2012) for  winter layup, the first of 8 vessels scheduled to arrive here in the next two weeks for winter layup. She will be at Fraser Shipyards. Two other vessels, the American Victory and the Edward L. Ryerson, are already at Fraser on extended layup.


  1. Chris
    I know how you feel, I like the classic ships better myself. My family has been vacationing on the north shore almost every summer for the past 25 to 30 years(I am 40 now). I love to watch the ships come in and out. I have been one of the ones standing at the end of the Two Harbors break water to watch the Anderson arrive at 12:30 am. I am truly unhappy about the loss of the older lake boats, there design is unique to the lakes and sets them apart from the rest of the world. If the trend continues all that will be left is a bunch of barge/tug combos. Well at least my kids will be able to say “I remember when ….”.

  2. Glenn I think the Munson is due for her 5 yr, she is also do at Fraser otherwise no other vessels are scheduled to be there. I miss just a few yrs ago when there were almost all classic vessels verses the more modern one, like the Victory, Kaye Barker, Lee Tregrutha and the Ryerson all lined up at Fraser

  3. Tristin (loves ships) says:

    Yes, one is a piece of history and the other is the prettiest boat out there. But not only was the American Victory around during world war II but the J.A.W. Iglehart was also a world war II boat. I was told it might be the end for her too. It would be sad to see all three of them go. 🙁

  4. they are both very special boats…it would be sad to see them go.

  5. Jill from Alabama says:

    I agree, Glenn. The American Victory is a treasure — a floating piece of history. Edward L. Ryerson is fun to look at, too.

  6. It would be a shame to lose both or even one of them. The Victroy is a veteran of the second world war and the Ryerson is arguably the best looking ship on the lakes. Any word on how may are going to have the 5yr survey done over the winter? I know the Corneilus was held up by that and the strike last summer.

  7. Could be a long time, especially if the economy does not pick up; they are likely at the end of road now

  8. How much longer will the Edward L. Ryerson and the American Victory be on winter layup?

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