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Duluth Superior winter layup: 2011-12

Port Terminal Berth 1 Edwin H. Gott 1/18/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Port Terminal Berth 4 Roger Blough 1/14/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Garfield Berth C American Spirit 1/7/12 American Steamship Co.
Midwest Energy Mesabi Miner 1/17/12  Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards Edward L. Ryerson 5/18/09
Central Marine Logistics
Fraser Shipyards American Victory 11/12/08 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John J. Boland 1/5/12 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John G. Munson 1/17/12 GLF/ Key Lakes.
Enbridge Dock Walter J. McCarthy 1/12/12
American Steamship Co.
Elevator M American Century 1/10/12
American Steamship Co.


The Edwin H. Gott (background), the most powerful vessel on the Great Lakes, arrived this morning (January 4, 2012) at 7:11. She is here to load fuel and then go over to Burlington Northern to load iron ore pellets. The Schnabel car (foreground) has been in the Twin Ports for several years. She is the largest rail car in the world and will also be leaving Duluth late  this morning, to go over to the BN rail yard where she will be connected to a BN train that will take her to New Castle, Pennsylvania for some minor additions to the car before leaving for some big hauling work in Georgia in the nuclear power industry, the industry she was originally built for in Germany in 1980. More information about the Schnabel car, click here