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Edwin H. Gott, last to come in for the winter

Nice for the boats; winter arrived here within minutes of the Heritage Marine tug Nels J making sure the last boat to come in, the Edwin H. Gott, was secure against the dock at the Port Terminal on Wednesday morning, January 18, 2012. The temperature plunged, down to -31 at my home, and a big snow storm, the largest we have had yet, at least ¾ of an inch, maybe even 1/8 more. The Alder was close by but was not needed, so she went back to her dock, probably not moving from there until March 7th or so.

Mesabi Miner here for the winter

The Edwin H. Gott will be the last boat to come in for winter layup. This morning (January 17, 2012), the Mesabi Miner (above) arrived here after delivering her last cargo of the season in Taconite Harbor. She will spend the winter at the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock in Superior. That will make it real convenient to start the 2012 season in only two more months. She will likely load more coal for a port within Lake Superior, before the Soo Locks open (usually around March 25th). The Miner may get two  coal deliveries done by then. See video below.

Schnabel car makes it to Pittsburgh

The world’s largest rail car is the Schnabel car, or as Bill Bingman, the Schnabelmeister, calls it, the CEBX800. It has spent a large part of its life in Duluth waiting for the few jobs that call for the world’s largest rail car. Engineers are not dumb and they don’t build things that can’t be delivered to the customer, so they don’t build anything bigger than the world’s largest railcar if they will need to transport anything by rail. When they build it for the Schnabel car, it is brought to Duluth by ship and discharged at the Port Terminal directly onto the Schnabel car, where Bill and his crew take over.
When the Schnabel car is loaded, as she is just above while coming over the Grassy Point Bridge from Duluth to Superior on December 1st, 2005 on her way to Alberta, the cargo actually becomes a part of the car as it is carried between two holding sections. Click either picture for larger version.
There may be some changes coming. Several weeks ago, Bill came into town to take the car to Georgia for some heavy lift work. It is not clear if it will ever be back here, although probably, it has never been very clear where it will go or be used since it was built in 1980 in Germany.
When Bill told me he had to take the car to New Castle, Pennsylvania (just outside Pittsburgh) for some maintenance work, I was overjoyed. Having grown up in the Pittsburgh area, I naturally have a Duluth Shipping News office there. Until now, my staff there has not had much to do. I called to alert them to their first task in over 16 years, greet Bill and his car, get some pictures of them with Bill and the car and send them to me.
The car made good time on the way to Chicago but a train wreck in Indiana delayed things for a week. By the time he made it to New Castle, Bill had no time left to visit as he had to leave very quickly for Georgia. He found someone in the yard to take this picture and told me he might be back in the Spring. Sadly, I have had to lay off my Pittsburgh staff there again, at least until the spring.

Last trip out for the Gott

The Edwin H. Gott arrived in Port on Wednesday evening, January 11, 2012 at 6:50 to load iron ore pellets at the CN dock in West Duluth. She left Duluth around noon today (above) to deliver her cargo to Detroit. She will return in about a week for winter layup in Duluth. Listen as she sounded a particularly strong salute to the bridge.

American Spirit arrives Duluth for winter

It took her 50 minutes to go from the Duluth piers to her berth at the Port Terminal. Watch 17 minutes of that trip here; not overly exciting, a little slow but what do you expect from 1,000 feet of Great Lakes freighter at the end of a long season.

The American Spirit arrived in the Duluth ship canal about 10:30 on Saturday morning, January 7, 2012, for winter layup. Below, about a half hour later, she is moving into the berth at Garfield C.
Listen to the American Spirit whistle as she came in:


Bye bye CSL Laurentien

 The video out my window was pretty dark and the ship never blew her whistle but I got this picture while the CSL Laurentien went by my window with her cargo holds filled with CN’s best iron ore pellets.
Click below to hear her whistle when she departed on November 9, 2013:

Boland in for winter layup

This is the 6th time the John J. Boland has come under the Lift Bridge this season. On her 5 previous visits this year, all after September 20, she usually brought limestone in and loaded coal for her departing cargo. On her September 20th trip here, she discharged limestone and then went to Two Harbors to load iron ore pellets. She came in this morning (January 5, 2012) for  winter layup, the first of 8 vessels scheduled to arrive here in the next two weeks for winter layup. She will be at Fraser Shipyards. Two other vessels, the American Victory and the Edward L. Ryerson, are already at Fraser on extended layup.

Duluth Superior winter layup: 2011-12

Port Terminal Berth 1 Edwin H. Gott 1/18/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Port Terminal Berth 4 Roger Blough 1/14/12
GLF/ Key Lakes
Garfield Berth C American Spirit 1/7/12 American Steamship Co.
Midwest Energy Mesabi Miner 1/17/12  Interlake Steamship
Fraser Shipyards Edward L. Ryerson 5/18/09
Central Marine Logistics
Fraser Shipyards American Victory 11/12/08 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John J. Boland 1/5/12 American Steamship Co.
Fraser Shipyards John G. Munson 1/17/12 GLF/ Key Lakes.
Enbridge Dock Walter J. McCarthy 1/12/12
American Steamship Co.
Elevator M American Century 1/10/12
American Steamship Co.


The Edwin H. Gott (background), the most powerful vessel on the Great Lakes, arrived this morning (January 4, 2012) at 7:11. She is here to load fuel and then go over to Burlington Northern to load iron ore pellets. The Schnabel car (foreground) has been in the Twin Ports for several years. She is the largest rail car in the world and will also be leaving Duluth late  this morning, to go over to the BN rail yard where she will be connected to a BN train that will take her to New Castle, Pennsylvania for some minor additions to the car before leaving for some big hauling work in Georgia in the nuclear power industry, the industry she was originally built for in Germany in 1980. More information about the Schnabel car, click here