Boland leaves for Marquette

The John J. Boland came into port around 2 am on Wednesday, December 21, 2011 to load coal at Midwest Energy in Superior. She left around 3:30 in the afternoon (above) for Marquette, Michigan.
Click below to hear her as she sounded a salute to the bridge, and to those of us greeting her:


  1. If you have Netflix or Discovery, check for a Mike Rowe Dirty Jobs episode where he goes into the Soo Locks and helps them clean out. A few winters ago it was remarkably warm and I wondered the same thing, turns out that the Soo Locks must close for that month and a half no matter what, in order to completely manually flush out the system of debris and sludge so that they can remain operable. Pretty neat for boat lovers!

  2. Christy from St. Paul says:

    Thanks, Nick! It’s been such a strange winter, I wondered if they would be open longer…

  3. christy, the soo locks close around jan. 15, and re-open around the beginning of march. that would be cool though if they stayed open for a while because of the such little snowfall we got this year.

  4. Christy from St. Paul says:

    Hi Ken – just wondering, with the warm weather, will ships continue to run longer than usual in January if everything remains open? Didn’t know if they had maintenance scheduled at the Soo, or if other things would keep them from running?

  5. mnduluthfan says:

    Kens favorite time of the year ships having ice on them

  6. Quick horn from the Boland. Thanks Ken! I really like the picture.

  7. Jill from Alabama says:

    One of my favorite sounds! Thanks, Ken!

  8. almost like being there…only warmer! thanks, ken!

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