First ice and a breaker!

That is the Coast Guard cutter Biscayne Bay docked behind the DECC. Coincidently (??), the first ice of the season is just in front of her. I am entertaining captions for the picture. She has been here many times to help us fight the ice. Go to the Biscayne Bay page to see more pictures of her life and times while in Duluth Superior and a video from some years back.


  1. Patrick Montgomery says:

    Just looking at the traffic reports and pictures of the harbor that I once or twice called home and lo and behold there is my brother almost rooting for the … the… well the other team from west Alabama. It’s wet and cold in Sylacauga, marry Christmas everyone, and thanks Ed and Jeannie for the gifts, I’m about to eat the roadkill. Mom & dad say hello, talk to ya’ll soon. War Eagle! Patrick

  2. Capt. Ed Montgomery says:

    Jill, thank you for the nice ‘shout out’. I’ve been pretty busy this summer and fall with the ships, Pilot boat and business overall — not able to check in on the D.S.N. as regularly. My folks live in Sylacauga and maybe we could get together sometime, or when you are up in the Twin Ports. Ask Ken for our email address (it’s OK, Ken) and drop a line!

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Captain Ed!! We’ve missed you! Come back to the blog and tell us some of your boating stories! Y’all come to Bama where we will hit 70 degrees tomorrow. ROLL TIDE, ROLL!

  4. Capt. Ed Montgomery says:

    My folks are in Birmingham and a few years ago I moved there for a couple years to help them in their business and build a small building for it. I spent more on electricity for air conditioning down there, than I ever did on heat up in Duluth! And, yes, winter in the south has a very bone chilling aspect to it, due to the relatively high humidity. And it’s worse on the water, with winter humidity up to 70% to 80%. Being out on deck when I worked on the Atlantic and Gulf coasts was the coldest I’ve ever been — I’d rather be in Duluth breaking ice! Of course, up here it can be painfully dry with almost zero humidity in the coldest months of January & February.

    By the way Jill, my Dad is a big Alabama fan and my brother went to Auburn — make for some real interesting family Holiday get togethers!

  5. Jill from Alabama says:

    Hey Scott and Paul, you two are honorary “good ol’ Southern boys”! Thanks!

  6. Jill, just for you I will pull for the Tide.

  7. Merry Christmas to all also. I hate to see the shipping season coming to a close. Ken needs some time off.
    Jill: I’ll be pulling for Alabama in the BCS. They should have beaten LSU last time they played.

  8. Jill from Alabama says:

    Hello Paul from Galveston! You’re right, they may need to send that boat down south! I know exactly what you mean by the damp cold. It’s difficult to bear. Thank goodness we don’t have to put up with it that often.

    Merry Christmas everybody, on and off the boats!

  9. i hear ya, paul! cold down there is COLD! spent a weekend at a friend’s place (it’s no longer there) on the bolivar peninsula…about froze our ears off! definitive answer on the soo locks is, closing jan 15, reopen march 25.

  10. When do the Soo locks close, Is it sometime the beginning of January?


  11. Hi Holly:

    When its cold down here, it is really cold. I guess you could say it is a damp cold, it goes right through you. I lived in the U.P for several years and that cold up there is different tha this. Hope I’m making sense.


  12. holy carp, paul, you must be freezing!

  13. 36 degrees here in Galveston, Texas this a.m. Might have to send it down here.


  14. Jill from Alabama says:

    That’s good, Jim!

  15. That’s a better ice breaker then “Hey baby, what’s your sign?”

  16. We’re here…waitng for ice. Can we practice on the Amsoil Arena ice?

  17. looks like they had an extra-long lunch break.
    that or the ice is slush for this boat.

  18. will she stay here until the alder returns?

  19. Just waiting for something to do!

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