The Cason J. Callaway passes by the Mesabi Miner in the Duluth harbor

At 7:15 this morning (November 25, 2011), the Cason J. Callaway (at left)  came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge with limestone as the Mesabi Miner was departing with coal for Detroit Edison.


  1. that is an awesome picture. beautiful. the lsmma should make that a picture thats framed and available in the gift shop.
    i would be the first to buy one. amazing photo
    thanks ken!

  2. Jill from Alabama says:

    Oh, Ken!! Makes me “homesick” for Duluth, the boats, and my friends there (YOU)! What a wonderful picture. Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving.

  3. I don’t normally gush over a pic, but this one is just awesome.

  4. Absolutely lovely.

  5. i agree, john! and the callaway is just now making her way toward the bridge to depart!

  6. Thats frameable !!!!

  7. As usual, beautiful shot.


  8. it was a beautiful sight!

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