Adriaticborg brings more wind turbine parts

The Adriaticborg arrived on November 2, 2011 to discharge wind turbine parts adriaticborg20111103_6421loaded in Aarhus, Denmark. She brought 15 hubs, 3 power units and one 20 foot container; the cargo was loaded in Aarhus, Denmark for Siemens. Wind turbine technology keeps advancing. These hubs are bigger than earlier ones and they have to be plugged in at almost all times so bearings inside do not go flat during transit. As soon as the cranes dropped each hub at Lake adriaticborg20111103_6442Superior Warehousing this morning, they were plugged into an electrical connection prepared by the warehouse. The power slowly moves the inside around, keeping the bearings smooth. Earlier nacelles came here in August with radiators to cool off a new type of motor inside. Odd; all this stuff requires electricity; wind mills aren’t what they used to be!


  1. Paul from St. Paul says:

    This is called having the turbine on a “turning gear”. They do that with large turbines such as ones in power generating plants when the turbine is shut down. Keeps the bearings in shape, and also helps keep the turbine shaft from getting a warp in it due to sitting in one position for an extended length of time.

  2. very neat. thanks ken!

  3. interesting! good pictures!

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