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The Paul R. brightens a gray day

The Paul R. Tregurtha, at 1,013 feet 6 inches long, is the largest boat on the Great Lakes. She is  here approaching the Duluth ship canal on her way to the  Midwest Energy Resources coal dock to load 64,000  tons of coal for Detroit Edison  power plants in Monroe and St. Clair, Michigan.
Listen as she saluted the bridge and those of us waving:

Great Lakes Trader makes it in while the sun still shines

The Great Lakes Trader made her first trip to the Twin Ports in September, 2000 and has been to the Twin Ports 127 times since. Today (November 29, 2011) is her 12th visit this season. On this trip, she brought in limestone to discharge before leaving to load iron ore pellets in Silver Bay. Often when in the Twin Ports, after the vessel is tied up at a dock, the tug will disengage from the barge and go over to the Murphy Fuel Dock to load fuel, a distinct advantage over the other one piece boats than can only do one thing at a time.

Three toots from the Barker; we got 2 of them

The James R. Barker deserves an award for remembering those of us who are standing at the Duluth ship canal when she goes under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge, or might be watching her on DSNTV. Today, Sunday, November 27, 2011, she departed around 3 in the afternoon with coal loaded at Midwest Energy Resources in Superior and destined for Presque Isle, Michigan. Listen to 2 of her 3 whistle salutes as she departed.
Listen to her whistle salute to the bridge as she departed:

Duluth Shipping News Interview

The Duluth Shipping News has finally hit the big time; we were the subject for an Anne Kunkel Journalism project at UMD recently. Check it out below.

Anne is in her third year at the University of Minnesota Duluth with a major in Journalism and minor in Communication.  Besides school, she works a full time job and interns a few hours a week at a Bridal Magazine.  Outside of work she likes to be outdoors in the sun or snow, and travel.  She looks forward to getting married in June, and starting a career in paper and/or broadcast journalism.

Sam Laud leaving for Silver Bay

The Sam Laud departed Duluth on Saturday afternoon, November 26, 2011, after discharging limestone. She is going up to Silver Bay to load iron ore pellets.
Listen to her whistle as she approached the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge:

No ice today, just wind and sleet and cold

I know the weather is a little bad today but I wasn’t expecting to see the best ice breaker on the Great Lakes in town today (Saturday, November 26, 2011). The Canadian flagged Samuel Risley, usually here only when the ice is very bad, came to get a buoy that the Alder picked up for them. They are now docked behind the DECC, at least until Sunday and perhaps longer if the weather on the lake acts up, as is expected.

The Cason J. Callaway passes by the Mesabi Miner in the Duluth harbor

At 7:15 this morning (November 25, 2011), the Cason J. Callaway (at left)  came under the Duluth Aerial Lift Bridge with limestone as the Mesabi Miner was departing with coal for Detroit Edison.

We see the Alpena at the Duluth entry!

The Alpena made her 8th trip of the season to the Twin Ports on November 20, 2011.
Listen to her whistle as she arrived:

Bentleyville opens!


Isa here for 16th trip

The Isa arrived in Duluth this afternoon (November 16, 2011) for her 16th trip here since she came here in August, 1999, on a long trip that started in Japan. The Isa was built in Chiba, Japan. After launch festivities, they left the shipyard for Fukuyama, where they loaded steel slabs and headed out to the Pacific Ocean, through the Panama Canal and up to Detroit. After a quick trip to Thunder Bay to load grain, they left for Casablanca where they discharged the grain before moving to Tunisia to load phosphate for Politza, Poland, only a few kilometers from the homeport of the ship, Szczecin. They left Politza to load steel coils in Holland for Cleveland and Chicago and then came to Duluth. As in that trip, she is loading grain today. Listen here for her whistle as she came under the Lift Bridge.
Listen to her whistle as she went under the Lift Bridge:

The Varnebank, here for her 10th trip

Listen to her whistle as she left the Twin Ports:

The Varnebank departed Duluth today (November 11, 2011) after loading beet pulp pellets that will be used for animal feed in Europe.