Medemborg arrives for bentonite

Medemborg makes her 10th trip to Duluth to load bentonite
The Medemborg arrived Duluth on Friday afternoon, October 14, 2011. This is her 10th visit to the Twin Ports since she was built in 1997, her first visit this season. She was here twice last year. She will be loading bentonite on this trip; in past trips, she has loaded beet pulp pellets and other grains. She was assisted by the Heritage Marine tug Nels J.  seen below on her way to the Medemborg just after the ship came under the Lift Bridge; above, she has moved closer.
I caught the Medemborg’s whistle as she came in.


  1. These are great photos- thank you

  2. Paul from St. Paul says:

    Great job catching all the boat horn salutes Ken!
    I think we should have a vote at the end of the shipping season as to which boat has the best sounding horn.

  3. Cool Ken!

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