The McCarthy whistles a happy tune ….

Listen to it as the Walter J. McCarthy Jr. departs Duluth on Sunday afternoon, October 9, 2011 with iron ore pellets.


  1. Barbara J Heart says:

    Wow — we left Superior about 10 am going out hwy 2 — In comes this huge vessel — so we drove as close as we could. Always wondered if the boats slide into that are — Was great to see — and tonight found it on your site…….My husband went to bed but I blew the whistle anyhow — tremoundous experience — Good Luck & Be Safe thanks

  2. Thank you , it bting back the membories of my six years in the U.S. Navy and living most of life in the thumb of Michigan. Thank you. signed Jumping Eagle

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Hey Ken, everybody on your staff does such an outstanding job!

  4. “you guys” LOL

  5. I hope that this is a new trend for you guys to post the audio of the captain’s salute! Each ship has a distinct horn, and it would be really neat to have a library of corresponding horn blasts for the ships that visit the twin ports!! Thanks for the audio!

  6. awesome, ken…thanks!

  7. Love this! Thanks Ken! The horns are so cool!

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