Callaway departed Duluth Sunday night

Cason J. Callaway about to leave Duluth Superior

Lakers damaged in Duluth-Superior harbor collision

Two lakers were damaged early Saturday morning when one hit the other in the Duluth-Superior Harbor, according to Adele Yorde, public relations manager for the Duluth Seaway Port Authority. The Indiana Harbor was docked and loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources Co. and the Cason J. Callaway was loaded with iron ore and leaving the CN dock when they hit around 2 a.m., Yorde said. The Callaway was repaired at the Port Terminal and able to leave on Sunday. The Indiana Harbor is still docked in Superior where it is being repaired.

The Indiana Harbor is currently undergoing repairs at the Lakehead Pipeline Dock in Superior and is scheduled to move over to the Midwest Energy Resources coal dock to load coal on Friday, September 23rd. If that happens, she would be departing Friday evening; in other words; she will continue where she left off when she was hit by the Callaway while at the Midwest Energy dock last weekend.
Cason J. Callaway left Duluth for Gary to discharge iron ore pellets at 2342 Sunday night, September 18. She is expected to then go to Sturgeon Bay for repairs.


  1. The captain likely shut down the AIS as well as other aids for navigation due to an extended stay at Pipeline for repairs.

  2. Yes the Callaway hit the Indiana harbor at SMET. The Indiana harbor is at lake head pipe line dock going under repairs from the Callaway hitting them. Indiana harbor has alot of damage done from the Callaway . Yes the Indiana harbor will sail again. I say if the repairs go right should be out next week

  3. June,
    Commercial vessels over 300 tons and all passenger vessels are required to have installed an AIS (automatic identification system). This equipment transmits the ships name, mmsi number, position, speed, course and heading every few seconds. AIS enables other vessels and port authorities to get an accurate overview of what is happening in their immediate area.

    to see the AIS map for Duluth/Superior, go to:

  4. Tell me what AIS is please….

  5. the shipping schedule shows Indiana Harbor still at Lakehead Pipeline, but she’s not showing up on AIS.

  6. the Indiania Habor is my favorit shi[p.What happen???

  7. Can’t seem to pick up Indiana Harbor on AIS. Please fill in more of what happened and where when you know. Where is the Indiana Harbor now. More curiosity than anything as I am down here in MD.

  8. I wonder what happend. Will the Harbor ever sail agian? At least the Callaway is alright.

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