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The Indiana Harbor leaves Duluth with …

… 34,000 tons of coal for St. Clair and 30,000 tons for Essexville. Both deliveries for Detroit Edison. (September 30, 2011). More on the Indiana Harbor … [Read more...]

The Joe Thompson turns into the CN dock

The tug-barge Joseph H. Thompson came in the Superior entry last night (September 28, 2011) at 10:32. The barge has a long and interesting history but the tug did the good stuff today. After pushing the barge next to the Graymont Dock to discharge limestone, the tug disengaged from the barge and went over to get fuel at the Murphy Fuel Dock. That finished, she returned to her … [Read more...]

Barker out with coal; Sundew in with some friends having a nice time in the sun

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Callaway departed Duluth Sunday night

Lakers damaged in Duluth-Superior harbor collision Two lakers were damaged early Saturday morning when one hit the other in the Duluth-Superior Harbor, according to Adele Yorde, public relations manager for the Duluth Seaway Port Authority. The Indiana Harbor was docked and loading coal at Midwest Energy Resources Co. and the Cason J. Callaway was loaded with iron ore and … [Read more...]

No crowds for Columbus

If you visit the Columbus while she is in town today (September 14, 2011), you will notice she is in a cage. Not sure whether we are being protected from them or are they being protected from us. If the latter, it seems to have worked. … [Read more...]