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Mike and Marnie from Thunder Bay

Mike Wolowich and his daughter Marnie came down from Thunder Bay to watch the ships come under the Lift Bridge, a trip he has made for many years; Marnie has many  memories  of great family trips to Duluth to see the ships but those trips don’t go back nearly so far as Mike’s. We took pictures of each other while we took pictures of the Adam E. Cornelius coming in. Click pic for large version.

Drawsko at anchor

The Polish owned and flagged Drawsko is at anchor off the Duluth piers, waiting to come in to load  durum wheat for Italy. (Sunday, August 28, 2011)

Algoma Mariner arrives Duluth


For more information about this very interesting boat, CLICK HERE.algomamariner20110821_4908algomamariner20110821_4917


Algoma Mariner on her way to Duluth

Denny Dushane sent me these two pictures he took of the Algoma Mariner yesterday (August 19, 2011) while she was passing through Port Huron, Michigan on her way to Duluth. Click here to go to the Duluth Shipping News page on the Algoma Mariner. I am still adding information to it; the story behind this boat is as interesting as any I have run across. If you have more information, corrections or additions, please add a comment on the page or send me an email.

Cedarglen cheered by Duluth boatwatchers

The Cedarglen, built in West Germany in 1959 as an ocean going ore carrier, arrived in Duluth on August 18, 2011 to load iron ore pellets. Being a sunny day in August, there were a lot of people at the Duluth ship canal to greet her (above).

Matt the Electrician comes to Duluth


James R. Barker arrived Duluth on …

James R. Barker arrived Duluth on Saturday, August 13, 2011
Saturday morning, August 13, 2011: 8:59 am. More on Barker

Heritage Marine buys tug #3

Heritage Marine has been working with 2 tugs in the Duluth Superior port, the Nels J. and the Edward H. Mike Ojard has just purchased tug number 3. She will be called the Helen H. See notes from the trip to the Twin Ports below, thanks to crew member Paul von Goertz.
The picture above taken on Lake Superior on the way to Duluth. They arrived Duluth on Sunday morning, August 21st, 2011 going under the Aerial Lift Bridge at 3:50 am. The new tug will be named: Helen H.
heritagemarphotoNotes from the trip to Duluth: Mike bought the tug in Galveston, TX, then he hired a pilot to run it from Galveston to New Orleans and then to Baton Rouge. He and son Pat went along. From Baton Rouge the boat was made part of a barge tow and brought up the Mississippi and then the Illinois Waterway as far as Peru, IL. There the boat’s stern was lifted by a barge to reduce it’s draft and towed to Lemont, IL. Here the boat was ballasted down to get under a railroad bridge, which it just cleared by inches. As luck would have it, a train went over the bridge as the boat went under. When inches count, we did not need a train to go over! To what degree did the bridge bend under the strain of the train? From Lemont the boat was again towed north, this time to S. Chicago where we once again took over the boat and replaced everything that was removed from the pilot house in order to clear the Lemont Bridge. We left S. Chicago about noon on Wed. and arrived in Duluth Sunday 3:50 AM. We laid over one night at Lime Island at the southern tip of the St. Mary’s so we could run the river in daylight. We also stopped for a couple of hours in Houghton to take on another 1500 gallons of fuel.

Stripes first to cross the finish line in Duluth

stripes20110808_4802The Trans Superior International Yacht Race, held every other year, is sponsored by the Duluth Yacht Club. Twenty four boats started for Duluth at 1 PM on Saturday from the other end of Lake Superior for the 338 nautical mile race to Duluth. The 66-foot yacht Stripes was first across the finish line.

stripes20110808_4807Check out their special race web site here. You can track the progress of the race on their site and then flip back here to watch them just after crossing the finish line and coming under the Lift Bridge on DSNTV. (Click pic to enlarge)

Strike is over, probably

adamecorneliusameicanspirit20110803_4756 8/5/2011 – Noon Update – from WDIO in Duluth: Members of the American Maritime Officers union are heading back to work. They had been on strike since Monday, after they and their employer American Steamship Company failed to reach a labor deal. On Friday, workers got the call that they will be returning to work either Friday or Saturday and stopped picketing. This is good news for the shipping industry, as American Steamship had laid up 13 vessels because of the strike. Seven of those vessels are in the Twin Ports. Workers told Eyewitness News that they are going to work under their old contract, while a new deal is worked out. Above, the Adam E. Cornelius and the American Spirit are 2 of 7 American Steamship boats in port.

Small race, then the big one


The first sailboats go under the Lift Bridge on August 3, 2011 for the Duluth Yacht Club Wednesday night races just off the Duluth piers. This Saturday, the club is sponsoring the big race, the Trans Superior International Yacht Race, held every other year. Twenty four boats will start for Duluth at 1 PM this Saturday from the other end of Lake Superior. It is a 338 nautical mile race. The first boats will probably be here Sunday evening, and finishers will continue to come in through Wednesday. Check out their special race web site here. You can track the progress of the race on their site and then flip back here to watch them just after crossing the finish line and coming under the Lift Bridge on DSNTV.