Gott and Spirit working off the Duluth piers

American Spirit discharges iron ore pellets into Edwin H. Gott
Took this picture at 4:15 in the afternoon, July 29, 2011. The American Spirit and the Edwin H. Gott are off the Duluth piers, where this shot was taken, The American Spirit is the boat facing left; the Gott faces right. It appears that the American Spirit is discharging cargo into a Gott cargo hold.


  1. does anyone know why the tregurtha has ended up in silver bay?

  2. So what is next for the Spirit? Will she sit at anchor until the union issues are over?

  3. Roger Lilly says:

    So what’s the deal here. I have never seen this happen before and we live on the lake at Beacon Point. I’m sure everyone who has been watching this is wondering what the reason is for both coming here from Two Harbors and than transferring cargo.

  4. woops he said some of the crew is going on strike, he isnt

  5. ASC is having Union issues. My friends on the Am. Integrity and some of the crew is going on strike

  6. Received this information from Thom Holden at Maritime Museum
    2011 M07 29 5:18 pm Preparations appear to be underway off Duluth-Superior Harbor for a dipsy-doodle cargo transfer from the American Spirit into the Edwin H. Gott. The Spirit completed loading in Two Harbors this morning and the Gott was scheduled to load after she cleared. The Gott, according to local observers, was ready to back into port when things changed and the two vessels headed down toward the Twin Ports where they are currently starboard sides to with the Gott just a bit further off shore than the Spirit. … The two boats are a little more than 3 miles striaight off the Minnesota Point beach.

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