Music for the Barker on a Saturday evening

Mackenzie McGovern, on guitar, and Abby Ham, violin, both of Duluth, were on the job taking care of their buskering duties at the Duluth ship canal on Saturday, July 22, 2011 when the James R. Baker decided to depart the port with 64,000 tons of coal. They gave the thousand footer, and us, a nice serenade.
Mackenzie McGovern and Abby Ham play music while James R. Barker departs Duluth


  1. renee, it really was a magical moment. glad ken happened upon them.

  2. talented ladies! Just adds to the beauty and wonder of Duluth! Almost felt like I was there! Bravo!

  3. You’re right Holly, I won’t ever forget it! It was nice to meet you Ken, enjoyed the pizza, office tour, live remote, photo shoot and all! We were standing right behind the violin and girl resting on dad’s shoulder.

  4. Our visit to Duluth was awesome! on Friday we got to see the James Barker go out, had a wonderful visit and pizza with Ken, then at 12:45 a.m. we went to the canal to see the Mesabi Miner come in! After a weekend in Ely, we returned to Duluth and were lucky to see Ken again, and see the Presque Isle come in. Thank you Ken and Duluth for making our visit so memorable…my friends and I will never forget it!

  5. Jill from Alabama says:

    Are you in the picture anywhere? I noticed the weather was back in the 50’s yesterday!!

  6. we were there!!!!!

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