Stewart J. Cort enters the Duluth harbor…

Stewart J. Cort makes a rare appearance in the Duluth harbor
… with a tug assist on her starboard bow. I was quietly doing my weekly radio piece on KUMD when she came by my window. Being very unprofessional, I screamed that I needed to go out and take a picture. I was granted permission, and thus the rare picture of the Cort in Duluth above. For 30 or more years, she has come in the Superior entry to load iron ore pellets at the BN Dock. She comes in the Duluth entry perhaps once every 3 years or so, usually for some kind of repair. Not sure what the problem is here; perhaps a rudder problem since the tug may be assisting her in the turn. She appears to be loaded also. She did depart the Superior entry this morning at 4:08; picture taken at 8:26, 4 hours later. (picture courtesy of Lisa Johnson, of Northland Morning on KUMD, who allowed me to leave her program for the picture). (more on the Cort)


  1. I haven’t been to Wisconsin Point in a long while (several years) but it was an extremely rough road then so I presume it’s no better now. Just take it real slow and easy if you go. Since the Cort left so soon it doesn’t sound like the damage was extensive. I assume repairs were completed and it left under full power.

  2. The Cort departed Duluth at 5:14 this morning (Friday, July 15, 2011), while i and my camera were sound asleep!

  3. good news that no one was injured…she must have left duluth very early this morning.

  4. They had an engine explosion, no one hurt

  5. yikes, i was going to ask about going out there…guess i don’t have to.

  6. Dave, I was just kidding. I don’t care to go to Wisconsin Point, though. The road is so rough I thought I broke my axel.

  7. I’m sure they didn’t want to be there, having left Superior loaded. A comment on Boatnerd indicates there was a small explosion in the engine room affecting a starboard engine. It comes thru Superior all the time, just go over there to Wisconsin Point to see her. I was there once all by myself and they were kind enough to blow a salute.

  8. Can we send a letter to the owner of the Cort to request that she enters through Duluth more ofter? We have never seen her!

  9. Ken: Call in any favors you have to find out when she will be leaving. We don’t want to miss that.

  10. Jeff HAertlein says:

    Ken: I too saw the Cort come in this AM with tug assistance, and continued to watch as they back her in one of the slips near Murphy Oil Dock…I’ll be watching for news as to what happened, but it was great to see her enter via the Duluth Entry!!

  11. nice that you were able to maintain your composure in all the excitement!

  12. Jill from Alabama says:

    Hey there, Ken!
    What a great surprise to see the Cort! By the way, when I get the urge to hear your voice, I tune in to the archives of KUMD and bring up one of your programs! It brings a little of you and Duluth down south to Birmingham. Miss you!


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