Federal Power, a truck and a big wind turbine blade mold

The Federal Power brought wind turbine pieces from Denmark, arriving in Duluth on June 8, 2011. Top left, you see 3 wind turbine molds on the ship’s weather deck. At right, on Thursday, June 9, the Port Terminal’s 2 gantry cranes discharged them onto a special service truck (top right). Below, the truck slowly moved each piece out of the warehouse yard and made the wide turn onto the road that led them to the other side of the Port Terminal where they were carefully laid down. (Click any picture for larger version)
On Friday, work continued bring pieces from the ship’s cargo holds. Above, 3 hubs can be seen with one nacelle in the foreground and some of the 150   containers also loaded onto the ship in Denmark. Below, in the engine room, engineers did some work on the big diesel engine that powers the ship.
Kenneth Newhams :