Hon. James L. Oberstar is launched …

… by Jean Oberstar, wife of the congressman. Behind her is James R. Barker, Chairman of the board for Interlake and behind him, Congressman Oberstar.

Duluth mayor Don Ness sits behind the Oberstars. Before running for mayor, Ness worked for Congressman Oberstar.
Duluth Seaway Port Authority Public Relations impresario Adele Yorde chats with the Congressman. Not so many years ago, Yorde worked in the congressman’s election campaign writing copy.
I have taken 100’s of pictures of the Kaye E. Barker and today, I had the chance to meet and take the picture of the boat’s namesake, Kaye E. Barker (above). Likewise for James R. Barker, Kaye’s husband and Chairman of the Board of Interlake Steamship (below).


  1. Sorry, but she will always be the Charles M.(“The CHUCK’) Beeghly to me.

  2. Would have been neat to see her docked at the DECC and all but makes me sad to see the Beeghly name go away.

  3. It’s nice to see commemoration of the results that works to the benefit of everyone when government and industry work together. That’s almost a taboo subject in some quarters, but kind of brings a tear to my eye as an American to see it so plainly on display.

    Nicely compsoed photos, too!

  4. Thanks again Ken for the great coverage. You seem to be getting many several different views and close-ups than ever before, you’re the best!
    Mary, Princeton

  5. Jim Bates says:

    I didn’t know the freighters have those white bottle breaking T-bars built into them. I will be looking for them next time I am looking at the ships at Vantage Point!

  6. video is awesome…the boat and bridge horns back and forth, and the band!

  7. Jill from Alabama says:

    Mrs. Barker is just as pretty as her namesake! It’s fun to see the faces behind the names. What a great event. Thanks, Ken, for letting us “attend”.

  8. great pictures…thanks!

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