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16th season for the Duluth Shipping News

I am forced to work hard, like the rest of the world, for only two weeks a year, those being the two before Memorial Day, the traditional start to the summer season here. That is when I sell advertising for the summer edition of the Duluth Shipping News. No fun but happily, I have faithful supporters who keep me going every year. Then, I have to design the paper on my computer and send it to the printer, this year The Duluth Shipping News, first summer issue of 2011Pro Print. The picture shows the display end of the press they used to print 100,000 sheets in color; one side filled with notes from those faithful supporters mentioned above and the other side with a couple more supporter notes and a header and footer for me. The picture shows the first one to come off the press; my autograph on it says it is great, get me 99,999 more and deliver them to World Headquarters down by the Lift Bridge! That’s supreme sales person and advisor Jeanne Carson next to the press man Duc Vue. I thank them both and Pro Print for their help and for the great job. This year’s issue is on heavier and whiter paper. I at least am real excited about that.  I also created a PDF of my first issue which you can check out here. I deliver about 1,000 copies a day until Labor Day. I only have 99 days to go!

Hon. James L. Oberstar is launched …

… by Jean Oberstar, wife of the congressman. Behind her is James R. Barker, Chairman of the board for Interlake and behind him, Congressman Oberstar.

Duluth mayor Don Ness sits behind the Oberstars. Before running for mayor, Ness worked for Congressman Oberstar.
Duluth Seaway Port Authority Public Relations impresario Adele Yorde chats with the Congressman. Not so many years ago, Yorde worked in the congressman’s election campaign writing copy.
I have taken 100’s of pictures of the Kaye E. Barker and today, I had the chance to meet and take the picture of the boat’s namesake, Kaye E. Barker (above). Likewise for James R. Barker, Kaye’s husband and Chairman of the Board of Interlake Steamship (below).

The Hon. James L. Oberstar makes his …

presence felt again in Duluth. The ‘boat’ was pulled to the dock behind the DECC for her re-christening on Tuesday, May 23, 2011

The Hon. James L. Oberstar arrives in the Twin Ports for her Christening…


… and also, by the way, to load some iron ore pellets at the CN Dock in West Duluth after the festivities on Tuesday, May 24, 2011. She arrived through the Superior entry at 7:09 on Sunday morning, May 22, 2011. She is seen above waiting at a Port Terminal dock for the celebration.

As the Charles M. Beeghly, the boat was in the Twin Ports 152 times since 1996. Many consider her to be one of the prettiest boats on the Great Lakes. She was very popular with visitors to the Duluth ship canal, as you can see in the picture below that I took on August 30, 2008. (Click here for more information and pictures)


Largest port (by tonnage) on the Great Lakes!

There is a reason why I am so tired at the end of the day. I have to keep getting up from my chair to take pictures of all the ship traffic. There was quite a parade this morning. Above, the Algowood was on her way out with a load of iron ore pellets and passed the CSL Tadoussac coming in to replace her at the CN Dock in West Duluth.
A couple minutes later, the James R. Barker was departing with a load of coal from Midwest Energy Resources in Superior. She was taking that to Taconite Harbor and passed the Victoriaborg coming in to load bentonite at the Hallett Dock in Duluth. As the Victoriaborg made her turn to the St. Louis River, she passed the Canadian Enterprise, loading fuel at the Murphy Fuel Dock before taking a load of salt to the Hallett 8 Dock in Superior. After that, she will go to the BNSF dock in Superior to load taconite pellets and maybe then, I can get some rest.