Brand new ship, beautiful new morning

The tug Nels J. assisted the BBC Oregon to the dock at the CHS grain terminal in Superior early this morning, April 29, 2011. Steve Sydow, the ship’s agent, was waiting for her and took this picture. The ship brought wind turbine parts from Denmark on Sunday; she is at CHS today loading grain and will likely depart early this evening.


  1. Jill, I forgot to add it was cold, rainy and windy most of the time.
    Vintage Duluth!

  2. Jill, we stayed at the Voyager Lakewalk, an easy walk to Canal Park.
    We paid Ken a visit and picked a Shipping News from last year. The daily ones are printed from late May to late August (right Ken?).
    I think the Presque Isle was having trouble loading, this kept us from seeing the American Integrity.

  3. Jill from Alabama says:

    Hey Scott!
    Where did y’all stay for your visit? Did you get to see Ken? How did the Presque Isle mess everything up? I noticed it came into port around 1:00 without incident. Is it still cold? The food up there is wonderful . . . Hope you picked up a copy of the famous Duluth Shipping News!


  4. Hi Jill, we had a great time, got to see 4 ships including the BBC Oregon.
    We would have seen more, except the rain delayed the salties and one ship screwed up everything on Sunday (thanks Presque Isle)!

  5. Jill from Alabama says:

    The reflections are pretty! It almost looks like a nice, warm afternoon. You know, the kind where the sun is setting and you’re just sitting out in your lawn chair, wearing your flip flops, and watching that ball of fire descend into the lake (while sipping a glass of tea, of course). Do y’all ever have those??
    Scott, hope you enjoyed your visit with Ken.

  6. That’s a bit of picture composition you don’t see every day. Water smooth as glass, with a shiny new freighter on the end of a tug rope. Beautiful shot nicely captured!

  7. Ken,

    Blake and I are coming up tonight. Don’t let it leave before we get there.

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