Four boats to start, more coming

The blizzard with no snow was gone, leaving ice along the shore and Lake Superior calm again. The signal for action in the port. Around 9 this morning, 4 boats entered the ring (the Duluth harbor). Actually, one of them was already there and was the only one still there when the other 3 had gone their separate ways. The James R. Barker (at left) was coming back from Taconite Harbor after delivering a cargo of coal; she was here to get more coal, this time for Marquette. Before she came under the Aerial Lift Bridge, the American Integrity came away from her winter dock in Superior and entered the harbor at the  south end, did a 180 and and pulled up to Murphy Fuel for gas (her stern can be seen on the right side of the picture) In front of her and just barely seen was the John G. Munson, still staying at her winter layup position for a few more days. With all this excitement, the Roger Blough decided to leave us too. Her bow is seen in the middle of the picture as she moved out into the harbor. Below, 20 minutes later she made the turn toward the bridge.


  1. Carol from Aitkin says:

    Thanks for the photos. Time to head to Duluth!

  2. Christy B says:

    im so happy i could dance!! cant wait to head up there (from the cities). duluth just isnt the same without shipping traffic.

  3. Must be lots of ice in the thunder bay harbor, both the alder and the mobile bay are up there today according to ais.

  4. Paul Badovinac says:

    Traffic Jam. Nice to see all the activity.


  5. Rush Hour — Duluth Harbor style!!

    Alabama (The Sunny South)

  6. Ken-Excellent photo and even better description. One can just feel the energy building.
    Lakeville MN

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